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The Association “Youngsters without Borders” was established on 26 of June 1997. It caters to youths between 15 and 35, regardless of race, language, and religion

The goals of this association are the following:
1. To channel youthful energies to constructive pursuit
2. Foster leadership qualities and organizing abilities among youths
3. Promote friendship and understanding among youths at national and international level
4. Involve teens in their neighborhood programs
5. Discover their own potential
6. Become an effective youth leader
7. Raising children’s awareness of local development of local development
8. Holiday fun time

- the Association Youngsters without Borders works mainly for youth living in rural areas. Apart from organizing youth exchanges the organization deals with running courses for the youths in the area and for the gypsy communities- courses like english competences, computer literacy, civic education, intercultural learning, etc.
- the Association gives high importance to the information activities meant to get the youths close to the realities of the Youth Work and the challenges of the 21 century- facilitate their access to different opportunities- trainings abroad, study visits, etc.
- the Association lobbies for strengthening the cooperation in between the NGO sector and public administration- regular meetings and conferences so that decision makers and youths come together and discuss youth related topics.
- Social camps, festivals, NGO fairs for the youths in the region
it also gives logistics support to the new youth organizations in the region

Our mission is strictly related to youngsters’ life and problems:

• Promoting activities for developing creative values
• Social tourism for youngsters
• Putting into practice some youth programs, taking into account educational dimensions and some aspects connected with social life, culture, health etc.
• Training of monitors and animators from amongst the youngsters in order to make them able to prepare, organize and develop some educational programs with educative values.
• Establishing transnational contacts with some similar organizations that are willing to develop some projects in cooperation.
• Identifying partners amongst the youngsters in order to have them involved in the social life.
• Organizing conferences and seminars regarding youngsters’ problems.
• Promoting projects that are about to make the participants familiar with some specific mechanisms and activities in the life of the youngsters.
• Promoting cultural traditions in the regions at the national and international level.
• Organizing folk cultural activities.


Highly educated people gathered into a very compact corps of trained young volunteers which provide education , counseling …

YWB runs educational projects regarding the enlightenment of the youth sector and projects connected directly to the idea of transnational cooperation.
Basically YWB focuses on raising the awareness of the youngsters living in the countryside.
YWB is fighting for narrowing the gap between youngsters in the countryside and the ones living in towns- a gap that is widening more and more.
YWB stresses on establishing bridges of communication in between local NGOs and similar organizations abroad.
YWB organizes free- will activities- HOLIDAYS- providing different ways of informal education.


YWB provides:
• Peer education
• Training sessions
• Seminars on different educational topics
• Good quality trainers
• Resource center
• Holidays